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Parental Controls for your Home & Business

'An easy way to control web access for your family on
every device in your home'
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Cloud Backup Solution for your network
Used by many Dublin Businesses
Completely Web based with no software required on each device

Controls web filtering on all devices connected to your router - Computer/iPad/iPhone/Mac/Android etc..

Fully Customisable Parental Controls with an easy to use web portal - from anywhere

Added 'built-in' Identity theft & fraud Protection when you just use the service

Faster & more reliable internet searches

Free for Home use! Just €20 / Year for Business
The basics of how it works
This internet web-content filtering system is entirely web based and you control your web filtering settings through using a web portal to the service. It's very easy to use and can allow or block content by ticking a box on an unwanted category - there are approximately 56 categories to choose from. You can also over-ride the custom settings by using an 'always allow or always block' option where you can specify a certain website that you always want to allow or always block regardless of the category settings.

If a person requires access to a site that has been blocked, a page will be displayed showing that the site has been blocked but they can request an 'unblock' from the click of a button on that page and the registered account holder(you) will get an email requesting an unblock from that person. You can then login into the web portal from anywhere and unblock the site for them. So even if you are at work it's still possible to unblock a site for a user anytime. The changes take effect within minutes.

Added Internet Security benefits from using this service
As a result of using the service you immediately get protection from any new 'dodgy' websites that are being created all the time. The parental controls service is used worldwide by homes, schools & businesses and because of this the service needs to stay current & up to date to make sure that they remain effective against new threats all the time such as 'phishing' and identity theft sites - you get this automatically when you use the service for web filtering. This means you are less vulnerable to threats.

To ensure that you are fully protected on your devices you should always make sure you have AVG Internet Security(AntiVirus) and Malware Bytes Pro if possible too.

All devices that access the broadband connection by wire or by wifi will get the same protection too. Even the xBox & Playstation and others.

A necessity in today's internet world
There's no excuse for not protecting your family from bad content on the web but it's scary to see just how many people choose to ignore this because they are fearful of technology or see it as a hassle to setup. It's up to you to protect your family from bad ideas or bad influences on the web and not expect the government to implement some half-baked policy about it, this system really works and costs nothing every year to keep in place!

I'm not saying the internet is all bad either, there are many good things too but 'you' have the power to choose what content gets through instead of your kids stumbling upon something by mistake!

Are you going to do something about it?..............
Just click the Tech Support button and give us a call to get started
With this Parental control system we only charge a small fee of €50 to setup. We don't even have to call out to you to install because it can be done by remote control. It takes about 20 minutes to setup and can be easily reversed if you decide it's not useful.
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