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• Webhosting €70 / year • Domain Registration [ .com €7 / year - .ie €25 / year ] •
• Complete Brochure-type Website Design from €299 ex vat •
What is a brochure-type website?
A brochure type website is one containing information about you or your business. Usually consisting of about 3-10 pages with whatever photos/pictures/graphics you need to display. It can take approximately 2-3 days to set up a basic website but depending on the complexity, it can take longer. Each website is different.

• Domain Name Registration • Dublin & Ireland •
What is Domain Name Registration?
Domain Name Registration is where you register your name/business name for use on the internet. It must be registered so that only you can have that paticular name in use online.

• Web Hosting • Dublin & Ireland •
What is Web Hosting?
Web Hosting is the term used for the server on which your already designed website will reside so that it can be accessed by everyone using the internet. You will need this if you decide to have a website designed. It basically like a 'parking spot' for your website online for which you usually pay a monthly or yearly fee. This is where the actual files for your website will copied to once designed.

• Email Hosting • Dublin & Ireland • Setup emails with your own domain name •
What is Email Hosting?
Email Hosting is were you use a service provider(web host)to store your email for you until you can collect it using an email application like Outlook or Windows Mail. You can have email hosting setup so that you can receive and send email using a custom email address tailored to your business name such as your_name@your_business.com for example.

• SEO [Website Optimisation] • Getting your website to appear on Google - top of the list on page 1 •
This term means Search Engine Optimisation, it basically means designing your website's content so that it is more easily read by search engines like Google. This in turn gives your website a better chance of appearing higher in search results when someone searches the internet for what your business does. SEO is something we include in all of our web design to some degree.

• Logo Design •
Professional looking logo design for your business or personal use. Contact us for more info.

• Decisions •
The services mentioned above will be available seperately or as a complete package according to each individual's needs. Some businesses may only want to begin with a set of email addresses that reflect the business name but don't have the budget for a website yet. In either case the services will be tailored to suit your requirements.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding getting a website setup for your business.

We will be happy to help you simplify it as much as possible.
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