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CloudSave IT Secure Online Backup Service that works!
Backup your files/data to your secure encrypted account online within a few minutes.
Simple to setup & automate. Just one account to backup all your devices including windows, macs & servers.
You decide what space you need & rent on a yearly basis. Simple! No license activation worries.
Does CloudSave IT backup Windows and Macs?
Yes, CloudSave IT's software will run on Windows desktops & laptops as well as Macs too. It's also designed to work on Servers, from small business setups to large organisations.
Can I install the software on more than one computer and can I use the same account?
Yes. You can install our product software on more than one computer and log in to the same account on different computers. Your data from different computers will be backed up under each computer’s machine name.You can easily restore data from one machine to another. However, your total backup size for all the different computers’ data should not exceed your subscribed storage size.
Unlimited Versions of Backed up Files kept in your Account
It may seem obvious that your backed up files should be protected forever, but most online backup services don’t agree. All versions of your files will be backed up and stay backed up for the life of your account. Only the initial file counts towards your GB usage
Can CloudSave IT software be installed on Windows 2012 SBS Server?
Yes, You have to have .Net 3.5 installed to use the CloudSave IT software. Once that is installed you can easily install.
The software will also run on other versions too such as Server2008 and Server2003.
How secure is my data once it's backed up online?
All your data is secured by CloudSave IT goes through the follwing three-tiered encryption process.
• Locally encrypted first
• Encrypted in transit during upload to your secure account
• Encrypted at rest once your data reaches the Data Centre
How secure is the Data Centre used by CloudSave IT Online Backup?
Extremely secure!, In fact our data centre holds the ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard (ISMS).
Our Online Backup is suitable for law firms, doctors, dentists, opticians, Certified Public Accountants, restaurants, retail businesses, large enterprises, and SMBs and is compliant with ISO 27001 Certification.
About ISO 27001 Certification
ISO 27001 Certification is applicable to all sectors of industry and commerce, it is not confined just to information held on electronic systems, but addresses the security of information in whatever form it is held. More information about the accreditation is found here

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'Super Fast & Reliable Automatic Backups of your precious data'

'Email reports after every backup'

'Fast & Easy file recovery using our software app shown or via web browser'

'Works on Servers, Windows & Apple Mac, iPhone & Android'

'Unlimited file versions allowed & only the largest file revision counts toward your GB usage!'

'CloudSave IT's compression system means all file changes get backed up but only the parts of the file that changed actually get uploaded. The result is much faster backups!'

'Triple Encryption Backup system'

'ISO 27001 Certified Datacentre'
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'If you need to review our cloud backup service, ask about our FREE trial'
'CloudSave IT can act as an alternate backup of your Google Drive or DropBox too'

'Accidental file deletion by users is no longer a worry'

CloudSaveIT Cloud Backup is a very
effective precaution against possible virus infections such as the recent 'CryptoVirus' & other ransomware in the future